Okay, so you know the scene from Say Anything, when John Cusack is doing everything in his power to win back Ione Skye (yeah, I had to look it up, get over it), and in his last ditch effort to prove his feelings, he whips out a boom box and blasts some Peter Gabriel outside her bedroom window?

This is my “In Your Eyes” moment. Except on the internet. And not as drastic. And I don’t own a trench coat popularly modeled by pedophiles in their mug shots.

It isn't a John Cusack movie unless he's soaked and desperate for love. Shit, even in "Identity" he falls apart in weather.

It isn’t a John Cusack movie unless he’s pathetic and desperate for love. Shit, even in “Identity” he finds a way .

Like most guys in my generation, I can empathize with Lloyd Dobler. Despite how busy I find myself, I’ve kind of been an underachiever for most of my life. I struggled a bit back in elementary school, and the struggles worsened by the time I was a chunky middle schooler. It wasn’t until high school that I started to give a shit, and began dieting and getting assignments done on time. That, and I took kickboxing. Lloyd loves kickboxing. I did that, too.

But, unlike the Dobs (we’re on a nickname basis apparently), I’ve actually been working on preparing a few side projects, which will be released at a later date. But it involves a shit ton of writing, preparation, and planning, so my divided attention is driving me insane and forcing me to watch Whitest Kids U Know on Netflix on repeat.

Yeah, I know, this entry is pretty damn self-serving. I promise the next entry will be filled with much more negativity and cynicism, and everything else you guys love/loathe. For now, be patient with this underachieving butthole (heh, autocorrect changed it to “buttonhole” for a second), and you’ll be mildly rewarded with multiple strings of words forming paragraphs.

In the meantime, watch this Simpsons clip on repeat.